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All right, so what's my take on A9.com, the "new" search engine, portal, or whatever from Amazon? Is it gonna be bigger than Google? Are people gonna say "wait a minute while I a9 that?" Fuggedaboudit. I use Netscape as my primary browser for obvious (security-wise) reasons. Do a search in A9 using Netscape. Now try and back up with the Netscape back-arrow to the A9 homepage or to whatever you were on before that. Hrmmph. It works today, it didn't yesterday. They must've fixed it. Well, anyway, now I don't have a good reason not to use it. So let's give it some time and I'll make up my mind someday. Maybe.

Got another RentACoder job, a quickie from a former customer who wants something added on. Cuñado seems pissed at me, I think because I called him Pavarotti and he sensed I was being sarcastic. Or because he found out I lied to him about my birthday? Anyway I can't be bothered, got to do this programming; I'll go back across the border if I have to, to keep away from domestic stress.

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