I guess it had to happen. Two of my favorite LA hangouts are no more. Portfolio Coffeehouse in Long Beach because their wireless router wouldn't work with my Clié and they didn't have anyone clueful there who could tell me the nameserver IP. And the Mayflower restaurant in Chinatown because they wouldn't let me eat there tonight. They've always given me dirty looks and hostile service, but I kept going back for the $3 fried fish. But I guess the cowboy hat must have been too much for them; they'd seen the serape at least twice already and had still let me eat there. Oh well, their loss. I took my business to my favorite taqueria north of the border, Carnitas Michoacan on North Broadway just a few blocks past the bridge.

Untll now, I'd survived most of today on foraging. One thing was new to me: heart of banana, the purple pendulum-shaped thingie that hangs down from the center stalk. Starchy and very bitter. Presumably cooking improves it.

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