Forgot to mention that a guy named Bob brought in a bunch of fish he'd caught to Blackbeard's; the chef fried some, blackened some, and broiled some, and Bob offered it to everybody. What a guy! The fish was excellent; this restaurant has a chef who knows how to fry seafood, a rarity. I'd already had their bacon cheeseburger so didn't have appetite to try more than one or two pieces of each.

They threw me (and everybody else) out of the karaoke bar while I was typing last night's entry. They don't fuck around at closing time; they don't mind being rude either. I stumbled over to Gulf Blvd. and crashed in the entryway of one of the condo buildings. Luckily no cops came by. The waves were too high to sleep on the beach; there was no beach at all that I could see. Hopefully there is by now, I really need to get some more sleep.

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