Missed the burn. I'd eaten one or two cookies with some magic in them, and lost control of my body for several hours. So much for fucking radical self-reliance! If I'd been in a dangerous place I wouldn't be alive now.

It was a nasty buzz. A lot like the first time I got high on marijuana, but many times stronger: increased awareness of the conversations going on around you. You hear every word, whether you want to or not; motor skills aren't necessarily impaired, but you don't feel as though you can move at all; you feel somewhat detached from your body. There are other components of this type of "high" but I can't recall them just now. It's not at all pleasant, at least not to me.

Anyway, hitched a ride to Reno early this morning, and a sweet young lady named Christine from Toronto gave me a ride with her two other friends. I'll probably stay here a week to get a good discount on Greyhound to LA, where I hope to pick up various iceplant cuttings before heading home.

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