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All right, let's get caught up... after my hearing, I went to Greyhound and bought my ticket, then spent the next hour and a half around the corner at the same brewpub I mentioned the day before that. My bartender was Raven, a young beauty working her way through college.

I walked across the bridge at about sunset, and up to Ave. Guerrero to catch the Permisionarios bus. Had another 2-hour wait for my bus to Entronque, so walked south and found a bar within a quarter-mile or so. Talked with Silvia, the bartender there, until 9:30 or so. She likes my favorite Mexican rock group, Maná, and told me I should hear their song Cucu. So maybe I'll check it out someday.

Got a nasty surprise when I reached Entronque; no more buses to Palomas until 5AM. Spent the night walking around to keep warm, got bit up pretty bad by mosquitoes, then about 5 went to Palomas and walked towards home; got a ride about half the distance, then crashed for the rest of the day. Battery dying, gotta go... will finish another time.

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