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OK, battery charged... let's see... since I've been home, I've jogged a quarter mile each morning (big deal, I know) and, more importantly, attempted windskating downtown each day. The first day I had to sit down and rest every tenth of a mile, because my heart was beating too fast. The next day, every quarter mile or so. Today, only once on the way back (the first two days, I got rides back). So my cardiovascular system is improving excellently. Also, each day I've been able to go farther without falling off; only 10 feet or so the first day, 20 the second, and 40 or 50 today. Only had one really bad fall, too, the first day, and my padding saved me from any injury.

My server at Unixshell crashed horribly with a RAID failure, but luckily almost everything was backed up to the Tektonic server, so not much was lost. I'll be patching things up over the next week or so.

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