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Finished the 5k in 99th place out of 200 or so, with a time of 30:15. Very bad, but considering the pulled muscle I'm glad I went the distance. I stopped only once, to take off my shirts; next year I've got to go topless, and only wear the t-shirt they give each runner. The winner was a young Kenyan dude who made it in 15:12. My throat hurts; the last quarter mile or so I was shouting on every exhalation, trying to drive myself that last stretch. Once across the line I just collapsed right there in the road, letting my heart and breathing slow down to something reasonable. People probably thought "drama queen" but what the hell. Listening to my body has kept me alive so far, I'm not about to stop now.

What enabled me to run at all was a decision to forego running on my toes; the previous occupant of my place left a pair of sneakers that fit me, and I used them to absorb the impact while I jogged along normally, rolling off my heels. That spared my calf muscles sufficiently to avoid another strain.

Now I have Burning Man in August, and the 5k in November. I should probably find some annual activity in February and May to keep the juices flowing year-round.

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