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So the DOE is doing something about carbon sequestration, to the tune of $24 million in grants. Whoop-de-do. With a goal of reducing only the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions to economic output by about 1.5 percent a year (18 percent by 2012), this pipsqueak initiative makes some sense; but hell, according to this webpage, we (the US) only dumped 55 trillion pounds of greenhouse gases (25,028 million metric tons) into the atmosphere in 2003. Assuming that's mostly carbon dioxide, 37 percent of that is carbon; which means 20 trillion pounds of carbon added that year, and it's expected to grow by about 3 percent a year, even with the Global Climate Change Bandaid, er, Initiative. Whoopee. Aren't we being model world shitizens. Add another 40 million square kilometers to my previous estimate, and 120 million groups will need to bury 66000 tons of charcoal to mitigate the effects of the great oil economy. Well, if the first group succeeds this coming year, two groups next year, and so on doubling each year, by 2015 we will have accomplished it.

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