My callsign is KE5TFZ, kilo-echo-five-tango-foxtrot-zulu. I'll probably build or buy the cheapest possible CW rig at first.

Since the previous network admin, and VTC, refused to give me the DSL router password, I reset the damned thing to factory defaults, and then had to get Valley Telecom customer service on the line. The Comtrend CT-5372 routers they ship have a default password of 12345 on the root account. Why did that have to be so goddamned difficult? I had our network down for about 2 hours. Still far better than the router fiascos (fiasci?) at Dialtone Internet after my 2-pint lunches. One of those potentially took hundreds of thousands of sites offline for many hours. For some perverse reason it's far easier to remember my fuckups than my successes.

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