This is from way back when I first posted about the citation I got, but I have not found a way to cut-and-paste on the iPod yet, and until recently it's been too much of a pain to haul out the laptop. This is a response from one of my blog readers. Now, I don't agree with everything this guy writes and don't like some of the epithets he uses, but I appreciate his thoughts and in this case his reply was a welcome balm. Though I do love my lady friends, sometimes a guy friend can provide just the right perspective.

Read that about the cop, what a fucking annoying maggot. As if it should be against the law to take a leak in the first place. The usual acknowledgment is that if one makes the effort not to be public about it, it isn't considered public. The frightening thing is, he is a cop. Regardless of the law, if someone is taking a long bike trip, inevitably they have to take a leak at some point. Regular public servant... He should have just found out whether you were passing through or not or planning on living in the park permanently, been impressed at the sheer distance of your road trip, and then let you alone. A regular patriotic defender of freedom, that jackass. I'll use what little network I have and tell people to boycott Steamboat Springs for a year, because of it, it will probably cost them 100 times as much as they get out of your ass. Sometimes, my network isn't so little. As if the maggot hasn't done that himself a few hundred times in his pathetic existence...

Next time, bullshit an asshole like that. Wear some organization's button, and claim to be on a nationwide trip to raise money and awareness for veterans or cancer or whatever, and you might evoke what little conscious, human responsibility or social responsibility a wanker like that might possess and avoid the fascist judgment trip altogether. A fascist toad like that will otherwise judge you, the judgment won't be good or fair, and he will try to make you pay for annoying him and wasting his time, from his fascist point of view. If you avoid the judgment by supposedly being on some great public service mission, it would evoke the guilt trip if he would fuck with you, and he would leave you alone. Hell, next time, actually make an arrangement, even if its only one neighbor pledging a 100,000th of a cent a mile, with you actually paying the penny to the Red Cross or whatever, give blood and get a Red Cross button, etc... so its not actually a lie. At least, not any more of a "little white" lie than a fascist can be a public servant, anyway.

I guarantee the psychology will work, he would figure you were both public servants, and if he can't respect another public servant, he can't respect himself. One big happy family of public servants... Do it for the DAV, then actually donate $10 to the DAV at the end of the trip... cheap insurance. Otherwise, the cop could care whether you were a disabled veteran or not. Avoid the fascist judgment altogether - work the system, I guess, or it will work against you. "Honorable defender of disabled veterans" is better than "annoying indigent hippie freak". For all the asshole knows, you actually were on a charity ride. The strange headshrink thing is, it would appeal to what little conscious he might have before he fucked with you, and keep him from fucking with you, but it wouldn't bother him at all if he learned it after he had fucked with you.

Technically, there should be no difference between Jesus taking a leak on the side of the road and Charles Manson (or Marilyn Manson) taking a leak on the side of the road, but you know the cop wouldn't give Jesus a ticket for it, especially when the cop has done it himself a few hundred times just like any other male (or female) on this planet. And you know that Manson would certainly get a ticket. In the case of Jesus, it comes down to the cop knowing the law is wrong and nature and Jesus are right. In the case of Manson, it comes down to "I don't like Manson". In extreme cases such as those, we would probably do the exact same thing.

His kind, if you asked him if he has ever taken a leak outside, after he gave you the ticket, would deny it. Most cops actually want to be protectors and not fascists, in my experience, but his kind is out there too.

Whether you make the effort to avoid the judgment or not, its like having your leg fucked by a faggot dog, either way, isn't it? This society sucks that way sometimes.

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