Last night I met Smitty and Derek at a Starbucks somewhere South of Reno. They are young survivalists, quite aware of the possibility of societal collapse, and it was refreshing to talk with them.

Lots of people see my bike and trailer, ask if I was at Burning Man, and when I tell them my story, say "That's crazy!" or even "You're crazy!" but with respect or maybe even admiration. I do believe I'm inspiring people. Not that they'll give up their cars and destructive lifestyles any time soon, but the seeds are being sown.

Other people have been gifting me food and money. A gambler having a streak of good luck handed me $25 last night.

Road construction on South Virginia gave me a travel lane all to myself last night. Some steady uphills, nothing very steep. Later a sign said for all bicycles to turn off, but didn't indicate an alternate route. Thought about ignoring it but glad I didn't. NV route 429 is old 395, and it was very lightly traveled. When it ended, there was one more climb then a descent into Carson City, the state capital. Slept on a museum lawn then had food, beer, and wifi at Firkin and Fox.

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