The hill out of Carson City is about 7 miles up. I had made less than 5 of those when a lady cop came by for the second time complaining about all the calls she was getting. She was trying to blame it on me for acting so strange, and was coming up with all kinds of suggestions as to what I should do. One of those was to check into a homeless shelter, and I said, "I don't do homeless shelters. And I'm not homeless." I don't know whether the cop called someone, or if a concerned citizen just stopped to help, but a lady with a pickup truck offered to take me up the road, so I at least got a ride out of it. As I was walking the bike to the truck she said, "Try not to kill her, OK?" I said "Geez." She said something about crazy people, and I said, "I do some crazy things, but I'm not crazy."

After I was let off, I crossed the line into South Lake Tahoe, California about 4 AM and found Mickey D's open 24 hours. The manager and one worker were apparently asleep or screwing in back; I hollered several times and finally had to go around to the other door to trigger a buzzer before someone showed up at the counter. Had my usual $1 sausage biscuits, and a coffee.

Now I'm at Safeway drinking more coffee in front of a nice gas fireplace. There's wifi here. Got to stay awake until about 9, then find a place to crash for at least 4 hours, hopefully 8.

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