Went to sleep once I found a suitable-looking spot. Woke up Bear Beach Cafe across from where I'm camped. Nice but weak coffee. Ordered the Mark Twain omelet, roasted peppers, sausages, and lots of fresh veggies. Good but not a great deal for the money.

After some more sleep, went to Rojo's for an Alpine Burger with fries, and a couple pints of Newcastle. Spending way too much this week, but justifying it because I had so little nutrition at Burning Man. Not that that justifies the beer...

Reached Echo Summit, elevation 7382 feet, about 0345 California time. No shoulder for long stretches. Pretty hairy. Got to Silver Lake about 6 and decided to wait till 7 and if it didn't open by then, to keep plugging towards Placerville. About 10 to 7 a Korean guy comes from next door to open up. Before I know what's going on, the front door is propped open and the coffee is ready. Nice guy, but with the typical Hanguk reserve. Being a Mainiac, I can appreciate that.

Dropped the bike last night and knocked the handlebars out of alignment. Am now noticing significant damage to the pedal axle, very wobbly. That will probably be the first thing I work on, once I reach Sacramento and can camp out at a bike shop.

Had a tuna salad sandwich and 22-oz. Moylan's Kilt Lifter ale at Fresh Pond. On the advice of one of the ladies there, I took exit 60 to the Safeway, and Pony Express road into Placerville. The road changed names a few times, but it was mostly downhill into Hangtown (the nickname for Placerville because of all the people hung there) with few problems.

I met James, a handsome young guy of Norwegian extraction, at the Pine Lodge bar. He was inspired by my trip and wants to do something similar. They have Fat Tire and some other good brews on tap but no wifi.

Then in Hangtown I met Todd and his young son Asher. Todd bought me a beer at Cozmic Cafe. Good place for vegetarians but the Albacore taco was satisfying. I'm staying at their place tonight, and will get another 5 miles headstart to Sacramento in the morning.

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