Got a late start out from Todd's, and first thing I noticed as I pulled away was that the rear derailleur, which has been intermittently freewheeling on the forward stroke from the beginning of the trip, is now totally shot. Pedaling does nothing. The bike is now a rather large, clumsy scooter.

First village I reached along Green Valley Road was Rescue. The Saturday special at the Rescue Roadhouse is an awesome Reuben for $5. Comes with homemade potato chips. A pint of Honey Moon completes the meal.

Left my coffee cup at Cozmic Cafe last night, but the universe provided me another one on the roadside today. Made some drivers angry picking it up, as there was no shoulder on Green Valley in Rescue. A bike lane starts in Cameron Heights, but ends later with no warning that I could see, and keeps appearing and disappearing throughout Folsom and Sacramento. But a very nice thing I noticed this trip is that many of the sidewalks are ramped all along them, not just at corners. This makes it easier for bicycles, wheelchairs, handtrucks and the like. Why can't every city do this? Ramps not curbs, what a concept! Hope it catches on.

Passed a couple of raucous-sounding bars, then heard some bad karaoke singing coming out of Mooney's bar. My kind of place; must be friendly if they tolerate that! Went inside for a pint of Firehouse, then went on to cross the river.

At the last second, a sign appears at the bridge on Riley St., "No Pedestrians Beyond This Point", typically with no indication where pedestrians might cross. I ignored it.

Hours later, I'm in a McDonald's just blocks from Ambervision's place, breakfasting on two Sausage McMuffins, 2/$3, and hijacking an unsecured wifi signal. Need sleep and some special tools to work on the bike. The latter is easy, all it takes is money. Sleep, and places to pee at night, are hard to come by in cities.

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