Accidentally wiped out all the notes I've made on my iPod for the last few weeks. If I was supposed to do something for you, I probably won't remember unless you remind me.

Walked South from Panera until I hit Fair Oaks, at which point I bore right to cross the bridge. There was no shoulder, then there was, then when I reached the bridge itself, there wasn't. It was pretty hairy, but there was really no turning back at that point, so I went for it and hoped for the best. Apparently I survived. On the other side, a fairly usable bike lane appeared, and I made it to my favorite downtown Sacramento bar, the Capitol Garage at 15 and K. The router isn't working, so I'll have to upload later.

I hadn't actually tested the new brake cable setup till I started across the bridge. It doesn't work; the actuator (probably not the correct term) now sticks out too far and the pedal hits it. So I'm using just the front disc brake, whose pad must have worn down to the metal because it squeals loudly when applied. One problem after another.

Had a 22-oz. Blue Moon, and will probably have something else before hitting the bike trail to Davis. After that, it looks as though 128 to 121 to 116 will get me to Petaluma.

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