I finally found part of what I was looking for: California Vehicle Code section 21960 permits bicycles on the shoulder of all highways, including freeways, unless signs are posted indicating it is prohibited. About 1000 of California's 4000 miles of freeways are open to bicyclists under this. I have yet to find a map of which 1000 miles those are, though.

heading down West Capitol, I saw the sign for the bike path to Davis just before a Chevron station. Turns out the path goes right behind the station, so went inside for potato chips and a bathroom break.

On the way, I started falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the road; either the bike path adjoins the road at times or I inadvertently got off it. In any case, that's a dangerous way to be, so I laid out my sleeping bag in the ditch and got some sleep.

The trail seemed to come to an end several miles later, and I crossed the tracks and proceeded down a parallel road, but another friendly cyclist told me that the path continued right into downtown Davis. So I went back and looked, and sure enough it did. Pulled into downtown when the sun was just striking the tallest fan palms.

I'm now at the Barista Brew Cafe, after another nap in the park, enjoying their coffee, wifi, and power. No plans to move on until sundown. Hands still aren't getting noticeably worse, but no better either, so gotta take it easy. Also, the cracks in the heel of my right foot started hurting again after my last shower.

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