Remembered I didnt want any more long stretches of desert, mountains, or farmland. I want towns, restaurants and pubs every 10 to 20 miles. So I rerouted myself through Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield and Napa.

Davis's 5th st becomes Russell Blvd.; there's a bike trail on the South side of the road all the way to County Rd. 98 and beyond. Left on CR 98 which becomes Pedrick Rd. The shoulder becomes intermittent. South to Sievers, make a right just before I-80. There are a couple of gas stations there. I parked in one brightly-lit spot and mounted the taillight I'd found weeks ago along the roadside.

West about a mile, make left on Currey which then becomes 1st Street and takes you right into downtown Dixon. On the outskirts I found the Buckhorn Bar and Grill. They have Bud, Bud Light, and Coors Light on tap for the locals, and some classics for the rare traveler: Fat Tire, Widmerweizen, and America's answer to England's Bass: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Dixon Ave. is actually A St. in downtown Dixon. So I missed it and went South to Midway Rd. instead. I got sleepy so spread my sleeping bag by the roadside and slept till predawn twilight.

Midway ends in a T, at which point you go left, curve around to the right, and turn left again so you are going South on Browns Valley Road. Follow it around some bends; it's pretty clearly labeled at the crucial points. Turn left on Monte Vista just before you hit I-80. The Panera is in the shopping center with the Petsmart. I got here about 9:15.

One of my previously anonymous blog readers sent me an email beating me up a little for my drunken rambling. Says I'm an alcoholic. I suspect he's right.

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