My couchsurfing host took me kayaking Saturday and Sunday, the latter was in Tomales Bay with bioluminsecence swirling around our paddles in the moonless night. Lots of starfish in those waters, and from what I can gather from Google, they're edible year-round, as are sea urchins.

Saturday was in the Petaluma River, on which we parked at Dempsey's and had the beer sampler, plus the pub appetizer which turned out to be mostly salad.

Friday was the tour of the Lagunitas brewery, farther out of town, where we enjoyed hefty-sized samples of 5 or 6 of their brews.

Was gifted a 6-liter MSR Dromedary bag, my new #1 favorite water carrier. It can be reliably packed with other gear with minimal chance of leakage, unlike the Platypus tanks.

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