The second time my Tevas broke, a few days ago, I dug my Chacos out of the pile of stuff I schlepped here from New Mexico, and started using them again. But it wasn't till today that my feet got accustomed to the straps enough that I could do my 15-minute jog. It could be a long, painful, wearing in period.

My last batch of brew didn't turn out very well. It's quite acidic and has a really earthy flavor from the dandelion. My next batch of rice beer with caraway has been bubbling away furiously for the last few days.

Making progress on 3 jobs, but it's slow and I'm always easily distracted by Facebook and StackOverflow. I found that by maximizing my xterm, or switching to a console screen when booted into Linux, I can get a lot more done before being drawn back into social interaction, or what passes for it in Internet land.

Going to try to sneak into the Kate Wolf festival, not to "steal" the music, which I really don't care for all that much, but to be with my lady. Wish me luck?

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