Many Ron Paul supporters, ranging from disappointed to furious at Romney and the RNC for stealing the nomination from the single most proven, principled, righteous constitutionalist contender for POTUS, are intent on writing him in. I applaud this. If Ron is the one candidate who best represents your viewpoint, this may well be the best thing for you and for the country.

However, there are other options, at least one of which is voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee. He's not as clued in as Ron on non-aggression principles, and he is reputed to have expressed support for NAFTA, war on Kony, and other CFR initiatives, which for some libertarians is a deal-breaker. At the same time, Gary has shown he knows how to use a veto pen to enforce a budget, and as governor of New Mexico turned a huge deficit into a billion-dollar surplus during his two terms. He supports legalization of marijuana, which will end a huge part of the failed drug war. He has promised to end the current interventionist wars and bring the troops home. He supports passage of the Fair Tax, an improvement over the Flat Tax which has a "prebate" for necessities, making it progressive. The Fair Tax ends the IRS and replaces both Federal income tax and corporate taxes with a single consumption tax, added into the price of all new goods and services.

Please consider casting your vote for Gary Johnson who, despite Romney's hardball tactics, should be on the ballot in all 50 states in November. And if you cannot do that, then by all means write in Ron Paul, even if that vote will not be counted, as is the case in California. For freedom!

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