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I believe I completed my 5K for the year, having jogged from across the new Oxxo to Moyeyo by the back streets, starting about 1423 and ending at 1502. I'll have to check the distance on mapmyrun.com later.

celebrated with a large plate of ceviche con totopos, and a cuartito de Pacifico, one of those little 210-ml bottles. prices were 45 and 15 pesos respectively, so had a decent meal for MX$70 including tip. been meaning to visit Moyeyo for the past 3 years, but they were closed most of the time.

found some of what I need at home depot. at least they have large cotter pins and hitch pins, and some 3/4" U-bolts I might be able to use on the axle inside the wheels.

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