renewing my passport cost me just under $111.00 so far, before postage. the 6-page form was $0.61 at Staples as submitted over the web. their clerk couldn't find it for a couple minutes though. apparently web orders don't go into their normal queue so they have no record of it at the local store.

the photo, which my lady took for me and which I submitted to epassportphoto.com for their free download, cost me 29 cents to print, plus 2 cents tax for $0.31 total, I picked up at CVS pharmacy on my way back home. I had to wait about 10 minutes or more there, since the lady who works the photo department was doing something far more interesting than servicing customers who were waiting to pay, so two other clerks eventually had to take over the boring part of her job.

anyway, that beats the snapfish deal I blogged about a few years back, for which I had to pay postage and wait a few days. but that might still be the best bet back in the desert where I lived then.

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