so I got the "poor pitiful me" award. insult to injury. I was expending every ounce of energy, despite an opposing wind and possibly also a reverse eddy current, to get out into the channel and thus the flood tide under my own power and the officials forced a tow on me. I may have been blocking the way for other racers. I don't know, it didn't look that way to me. but blaming me for my bad attitude after taking my whole reason for participating in the race away from me seems mean and petty.

that's OK, I'm going to take that anger and turn it into something positive. I'm going to develop a cheap, comfortable, fast, amphibious vehicle and share it with the world. hopefully you'll see it next race. unless you blink.

looks like I lost one dromedary bag and one headlamp this time. about $60 gone. hopefully something turns up.

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