I wrote another Wikihow article yesterday, on making biscuits and scones in minutes without the use of an oven, and you can view it now with the direct link before it gets published. of course, if you're making a large batch you're still better off the old way, but for up to 6 or 7 smallish biscuits, or 4 to 6 smallish scones, this is far more energy- and time-efficient.

working on a way to obviate the need for a grinder or lathe while still being able to quickly grind down the ends of 3/4" steel rod to a smaller diameter for use with the 17mm ID bearings used in utility wheels here in Mexico. basically, use of a 3/8" carriage bolt with the "button" sawed off the end gives you a 3/8" square to fit a socket and flex coupling. a large socket, as for use with spark plugs, combined with a piece of inner tube rubber lets you either grab one end of the iron rod, so you can direct the other end to a file, or grip some sandpaper with which you can directly begin grinding.

still working on a way to use the drill to drive a wheel, too.

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