so I pulled an all-nighter trying to get a working prototype to a client. it's a difficult job because I only have a small subset of his codebase (and thank gods for that, because what I have is already overwhelming), and I had to make a rudimentary attempt at duplicating the hidden functioniality by simply building "fake" functions and classes in response to the error messages I received when trying to run the code. anyway, I didn't get it as "done" as I wanted, but got something to him by about 0700, and now after an early jog, some rest, and a couple oranges for breakfast I'm ready for another day.

also have to squeeze in the 90-minute qualifying test for Toptal. the lack of sleep could put me at a disadvantage, but I don't want to put it off any longer.

note to self: never, ever put cocoa nibs in the hand coffee grinder, it gums up the ceramic something fierce. I'm sure I've done this every few years thinking it would be a great idea, with the same result every time.

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