the leaves of Boerhavia I put into my brine salsa the other day were quite palatable today. I still don't know if I can eat them in quantity, but I'll leave that for another day.

as usual, I'm having no luck cooking beans, something I've tried on and off for years. I can't afford to waste fuel simmering them for hours, but hayboxing isn't working. after the second boiling and hayboxing, I mashed them with a potato masher and brought them to a boil. I'm pretty sure they burned on to the bottom of the pot this time, but I'll leave them hayboxing for a while before checking the damage. I'll probably eat some anyway no matter how bad they turned out. I'm hungry.

I made a seat for my human-powered vehicle based on a hand truck today, using the steel frame I had already brazed together, and a polycord net based on this method. I was going to take it to the malecon and try it out, but it failed to propel me on the sidewalk in front of the house, so gave up on that idea. back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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