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nightmarish experience with Gmail. attempted to use it through my new LG phone's browser, Google thought it was "suspicious" and locked my account until I changed my password, so I had no choice but to do so. then my tablet was in a catch-22: the account couldn't be logged in, which made android.process.media stop, and apparently without that process, connection to a wireless AP is disabled. so you have to log in with the new credentials, but you have no Internet connection with which to do so. nice design, huh?

so anyway, the forum post linked above is for different versions of Android than the Cyanogen 10 that I'm running, and none of them worked until I got way down on the page: under Settings, Accounts, Google, I selected my email address, and then after hitting the leftmost button at the bottom front of the tablet, the one with 3 stacked horizontal lines, I got an option to delete the account.

then I could connect again. I may still have problems to solve, and so may need to add the account back. but at least I have the core function back.

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