before I forget: my observations from this year's race.

still obviously didn't have a working idea for a vehicle, but at least it was the easiest-rolling contraption I've come up with so far. the ability to steer using the cane would have been a great improvement. also, an extra inch tire radius would have helped me on the rougher roads.

got what seems like a major chemical burn from the baking soda under my left arm on day 2. it was all bright red and seeping lymph.

pain from the foot was, as predicted, worse on day 3, but still the major pain right now is muscular. other problems may well show up over the next week or so.

wore holes in my inflatable PFD, drybag, and wetsuit due to abrasion. got to find a way to keep that from happening. expensive mistakes.

driving back on Monday meant an hour slowdown through Willits. the bypass is supposed to be finished late this year, but I remain skeptical.

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