yesterday, I again took the left branch of the Palmira arroyo, and this time followed it until it dead-ended in a natural amphitheater carved by wind and water. climbed out the lowest end and up the hill to the right, to see where I was. lost my glasses when I hit a branch, and crab-walked back down a ways to see if I could find them, but no luck. crab-walked down the other side of the hill to the right branch of the arroyo, and walked back home from there. one of these days I hope I figure out how to make it through the pass.

today I went kayaking with a group, but knowing how painful my body gets doing that activity, I plowed ahead and was coming back from the lighthouse before the rest of the group reached it. but then I got lost. I didn't see the car (not having glasses helped that happen) and, figuring it was the next cove down, kept paddling south. when I was just about to the entrance to the ferry, I turned back. the intense sunlight, heat, blue sky and clear water made me start thinking I was in a dream. there's a cross on the rocks near the cove, and I started wondering if perhaps I were already dead, and that cross was for me. I hung around the entrance to the cove for a while, and saw no kayaks. finally I went back into the cove, and this time I saw the car, to the far left. about an hour later, the others came back. they had stopped on a secluded beach for lunch.

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