couldn't get the old oil filter off, and just about ruined my flex extension trying. finally went out towards AutoZone on Forjadores for a fixed 6" extension. on the way, I passed Yaqui hardware and stopped just to check. I didn't know the word, so I looked around until I found a cheap 3/8 ratchet that had a spark plug socket and 2" extension. I pointed to the last and said "lo mismo pero mas largo". it was only 62 pesos, just over 3 bucks! the same thing at AutoZone would very likely have been 2 to 4 times the price.

so anyway, got the old filter out and the new one in, but guess what. the wrench didn't fit the new filter, so I only got it in hand-tight. filled with oil, waited until my tiny spill stopped dripping, and drove it into the carport. surprise! a trail of oil all the way in. damn. all morning trying to do the job right and I fuck it up right at the end.

I'm going to AutoZone in the morning to get the right size wrench. I hope it's just the filter that's leaking, and not something more serious, like a cracked engine block. but I've got to get some degreaser and try and clean those tiles.

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