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CVS pharmacy hadn't had any bites on their emails for months, so they sent me a $3 coupon with no (or at least, few) strings attached, at least I didn't have to make a minimum purchase to use it. so I went and found some snack foods that were $3 or less, and found pretzels, 3 for $3. with my coupon I walked out of there with snacks for my next 3 road trips, zero money exchanged. that's what I call a good deal. it really pays to sign up for every customer-reward program out there, and look closely at what they send you.

as for Grocery Outlet, I'm still buying up their Baltika brews for $1.25 each, making sure to go to the cashiers that just ring them up as groceries without adding CRV and tax. also still buying up the pure expeller-pressed palm fruit oil sold as "Organic Shortening", 2 for $2.07. very cheap for a good high-temp frying fat. and they just ran out of row thirteen box wine at $6.99 for 3 liters, but still have some Almaden and Franzia reds for $8.99 for 5 liters. they're not as good, but still drinkable.

one primary key for getting good food deals is to sort your needs by category rather than by specific item or by brand. fats can be vegetable oils, bacon, shortening, butter. protein sources can be yogurt, cheeses, legumes, whole-grain breads, fresh meats, precooked sausages. carbohydrates can be breads, pastas, potatoes... you get the picture. something will be cheap or free if you look hard enough. when you find a really good deal, or a dumpster load of some necessary nutrition, grab as much of it as you can store.

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