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over the last camping trip, and since I got back, I've been testing various things with the tuna-can stove. I found that you can put out a grease fire with water, as long as a short burst of higher flame isn't problematic. just a few drops are necessary when burning the oil through a wick (this is the piece of cotton cloth I've been using, it's a wick the size of the entire can). if it weren't for the wick, it'd probably still be a dangerous thing to do because of spattering.

also, putting the tuna can stove into my BushBuddy Ultra stick stove gives me the rocket-stove advantages of the latter while having an easy-to-burn and well-contained (no blowing embers) fuel that is cheap and available worldwide. the worst problem is that it burns too erratically with kerosene. it works great with palm and olive oils, and little doubt, with any vegetable oil.

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