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nothing beats nullmailer for sending mail if you have a server to which you can ssh. on installation, or on running sudo dpkg-reconfigure nullmailer, simply set the correct info for your connected server, e.g. for me: localhost smtp --port=1025.

then you need to make an inittab entry, or upstart or systemd configuration, for connecting with your server. since I'm on the cutting edge and running Buster, I'm using systemd, and here's my /etc/systemd/system/smtp.service file:

Description=Mail forwarding over ssh to tek

[Service] User=jcomeau Group=jcomeau ExecStart=ssh -NT -oExitOnForwardFailure=yes -L1025:localhost:1025 tek Restart=on-failure

[Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target

tek, of course, being in my /etc/hosts file for the resolver. I may need to set Restart to always, but for now it's working.

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