Don Nowhere Shebeen

I've joined with a group of Quinn enthusiasts at City of the Sun in Columbus, NM and have a new tribal business, the Don Nowhere Shebeen. It's sort of a "party pad" where anyone can stay, drink, read, and discuss ideas on saving the world. There's usually a keg of Guinness, other beers, and several liquors including B's favorite elixir, Lagavulin 16. I've started a small library of intellectual anarchism including the Ishmael books that you are welcome to read while you're here -- no taking any books home! I expect a donation of at least $2 for beers and most other drinks, and $10 a shot for the Islay malts.

Find us at 8260 Lighthouse Lane SE. You'll see a map of City of the Sun as you enter it off Altura Road, we're at the NW corner of the community.

The lot previously referred to as a retreat and healing center is no longer available. Please come here instead and heal yourself! You can stay as long as you like, within reason. There's usually an extra bed or at least space for a sleeping bag.