Wow, still morning... already feels like late afternoon to me.

Thought of a legitimate use of the United Nations. Well, to be honest, I've hit upon this idea many times over the years, but this is the first time I've managed to get it down on virtual paper. This is earth-shattering, so brace yourself. I want the UN to come out with a recommendation for a standard right-of-way. Not just for maritime use; that already existed since long before the UN. I mean for everything: roads, sidewalks, stairways, aisleways, whatever. When two people or two vehicles approach head-on, there really ought to be a predetermined method to avoid collision. I would prefer it to be "veer to the right", since that is what I'm used to, but if they choose the British rules of the road instead that's OK by me too; after a few days of near misses I'm sure I'll get it right.

Was that a rant? Maybe. Anyway, it's over now. Just had to get that off my chest.

Barbarian at the gates

Crocs.com shows that the Shoreline Yacht Club carries their shoes. I didn't remember the exact name but knew it was Sailing-something or Yacht- something; I first went into this sailing charters place in the same group of shops where the Yard House is; that wasn't it, but the guy happened to be online and was kind enough to visit the website for me and get me the correct info. So I headed up the parking lot to the yacht club. Tried one door, locked. But saw people inside. Strange way to run a store, I thought. Went around to another entrance, also locked. A clean-cut blond-haired young guy finally came to the door to ask what this lowlife might be doing outside their fortress; I said that supposedly Crocs were sold here. "Crocs?" "Yes, it's a shoe." A lady inside said to try the shops in Shoreline Village. I said I already did, but the website said they sold them here. Actually the young guy was polite enough, said he had a serape like mine, and asked if I bought mine in Mexico. But overall I got the feeling that I was about as welcome there as a turd in the punch bowl. If they sold Crocs at all, it was in a members-only shop inside that building.

I'll be catching the Texas Eagle to Deming tonight at 10:30. May or may not get a chance to upload this before then... later, d00ds.

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