Got into LA this afternoon on the Greyhound from San Diego. Slept most of the way; took off towards Glendale immediately on arrival, but not sure of the best route so had some false starts. Basically: east on 7th to downtown; north on Hill (humming Hill Street Blues theme) till it deadended, then back to North Broadway, crossing the LA River; there's a good Carnitas Michoacan taco place, tacos for $1.09 plus tax but more meat than the $1 tacos in Rosarito! Very good! Then West on Ave 20 which becomes San Fernando which goes straight to Brand in Glendale. Here's where I meet Hipbone tomorrow.

Holing up in some bar north of the Bennigans, which stupidly closed at midnight. Drinking Anchor Steam and Newkie Brown. Life is good.

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