Bought over $60 in tools and supplies and was headed to the park for sleep when my front tire had a flat. Damn. No tools to fix it. Well, walked the bike and slept anyway. Woke once from a strange dream; I was with a bunch of people who looked skinny. Not merely skinny like, say, advanced AIDS sufferers, but on another order altogether; like space aliens in fact. One with a semblance of a beard offered me, with a very grim face, a crack pipe. I refused but he silently insisted, and the woman (?) he was with was assisting him in approaching me more forcefully with it. I tried to push it away but felt something prick my skin; a ring with maybe some drug on a pin. My mind started getting blurry and I called out "Maria!". I wonder if she heard. I went back to sleep and was still having strange dreams when I awoke again a few minutes ago.

Got to lay off the Wendy's Chili (or any chili for that matter), the last couple or 3 days I've been indulging have been punctuated routinely by very bad farting. Not so noisy so much as a powerful stink. If I'm going to be around people at all I guess I have to really avoid beans.

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