While at the Kinko's on Ina Road earlier today, a lady walked in and needed help uploading some photos to her website. The staff girl said none of them could help her, so I offered; and a few minutes later, the lady was handing me a 5-spot in appreciation! Nice!

So for some strange reason, I then went on a mini carb-binge. I'll probably regret it in a few hours but it wasn't all that bad, so maybe I can handle it. Let's see, a slice of veggie pizza from Wild Oats Market, a bottle of Code Red while at Tucson Mall, a donut later (didn't get to Starbucks in time for an espresso brownie), then to Red Garter Bar & Grill, up the street from the Speedway Kinko's, for a pint of Guinness. They close at 1AM. The bar, not the Kinko's... this Kinko's store is the 24-hour one I should have found last night, as it's much closer to the South end of town where I started my search. There's a McDonald's and a Starbucks within easy reach too. Don't know about a laundromat, but that shouldn't be too difficult to find.

While at the mall today, I found at Radio Shack the FM transmitter I'd been looking for, the irock! device. A little pricey at $30; cracked it open (3 small philips-head screws) and found only 2 ICs with mostly passive surface-mount components.

That just about used up my reserves from my last RAC jobs. I've now got bids in on a couple more jobs so I can have some cash in my Paypal account for when my domains auto-renew. Oh, what a stressful life. NOT. I am, however, a little too sleepy to attempt another repair of my battery pack. Forgot to mention, I found a butane soldering iron at Lowe's today and bought it for $16. There's a park nearby, Himmel Park, where I ought to be able to get some decent sleep in the morning, and then later tomorrow afternoon I can maybe get the battery functioning again, hopefully with solar power!

I didn't realize, but noticed in the mirror today, that my nose is cracked and bleeding from constant sunburn. How come my hands can take the burning sun day in and day out, and only get darker? But other skin burns? Strange.

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