Monroe County, PA, will sell your property for $600 if you fall a little behind in your tax payments, regardless of how many years you paid on time. They're a bunch of goddamned crooks. The county government, a fool named Kevin Reilly at KAL-TAC Inc., and a lawyer named David A. Martino of Zito, Martino, and Karasek, are apparently in cahoots. I can't get through to Kenneth Henning, the tax collector, the line's been busy all day; my guess is they bought up a whole bunch of properties and there are a lot of pissed-off people calling to find out what the fuck happened.

Had a crazy dream last night... it wasn't "lucid dreaming" though I knew I was in a dream, I wasn't cognizant enough to assert control over what was happening. My memory is kind of fuzzy, but it starts with me getting into a limo, and there's some vague idea that I'm going to meet Satan. Since I know it's a dream, and I don't believe in Satan anyway, I go along for the ride. Next thing I know I'm in a shower with a 40ish but very nice-looking woman, I think partly Asian, and a guy she identified as her son who didn't look a whole lot younger than she, but possibly an old-looking 25, so it could have been true. Anyway, she had her hand on my erection and was jacking me off from behind, her large breasts against my back. But then I think was when I first turned around to look at who was doing this, and said something really intelligent like "Wow! You're beautiful..." and she got really pissed off for some reason... then I accidentally got some soap in her eye which didn't help either. She got on the phone, using one of those CIA-style earpieces, to The Boss. Now I'm escorted down a long hallway to an underground city where everybody's armed with knives, swords, maces, or other primitive but effective weapons, and pretty soon I find I have been given a good-sized knife. A guy with one of those medieval axes is wandering around somewhat crazed, and a guy with a sword calmly plunges it in under his armor straight into his belly. Mr. Axe-wielder then smiles weakly, mumbles "thank you" and stumbles off... I go to where some guy in charge (maybe Satan?) and a bunch of other people are congregated and ask something like "What the fuck is going on here? Why did that guy say 'thank you' for being stabbed?"

That's all I remember... I know I got an answer but damned if I can think of what it was.

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