I waited way too late to write this down, but I had a strange dream last night. I was in a van, I think, in Deming with a bunch of really strange people. There was an older man and a young woman in a field just outside the van; I can't remember much about the guy but the girl was unusual in that she kept fading away to near-invisibility, just a shade, then returning to full solidity. She was wearing a silver-colored jacket with some kind of heiroglyph on the back, and had dark straight hair. I don't think I ever saw her face.

The only other person I remember much about was relatively normal; he was a bisexual stud who wanted to get into porno films. I told him I thought he'd have a better shot in LA than in Deming.

Still in South Padre Island. Meeting some really cool people. I'll maybe get a windsurfing lesson before I leave.

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