Found a bug in my program, took me literally days to solve it, though... it's related to the way Python treats "ill-formed" Unicode characters:

jcomeau@USER ~/www/www/blog
$ python
Python 2.4 (#1, Dec  4 2004, 20:10:33)
[GCC 3.3.3 (cygwin special)] on cygwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> u'\uda5d' + u'\udc9d'

Funky, isn't it? Anyway, I've modified docpack to skip that range and now I've successfully packed and unpacked the .txt files in the RFC database:

jcomeau@USER ~
$ du -b /tmp/rfcpack
47      /tmp/rfcpack/data/nfs/ftp/in-notes/tar
47      /tmp/rfcpack/data/nfs/ftp/in-notes
47      /tmp/rfcpack/data/nfs/ftp
47      /tmp/rfcpack/data/nfs
51953952        /tmp/rfcpack/data
34      /tmp/rfcpack/pdata/nfs/ftp/in-notes/tar
34      /tmp/rfcpack/pdata/nfs/ftp/in-notes
34      /tmp/rfcpack/pdata/nfs/ftp
34      /tmp/rfcpack/pdata/nfs
41055061        /tmp/rfcpack/pdata
96772077        /tmp/rfcpack

jcomeau@USER ~ $ du -b /usr/doc/rfc 103 /usr/doc/rfc/nfs/ftp/in-notes/tar 103 /usr/doc/rfc/nfs/ftp/in-notes 103 /usr/doc/rfc/nfs/ftp 103 /usr/doc/rfc/nfs 206246051 /usr/doc/rfc

Not very good, I admit, but still, saving half the space while still leaving documents searchable can't be bad. I was hoping the packed files would compress better with bzip2 than the originals, but no, slightly worse; on the other hand, gzip gets significantly better compression after packing:

jcomeau@USER ~
$ wc -c /tmp/rfc*z
 39197064 /tmp/rfc.tbz
 51339394 /tmp/rfc.tgz
 40710471 /tmp/rfcpack.tbz
 43923724 /tmp/rfcpack.tgz
175170653 total

So much for that. I was going to test it with the Linux sources, but ran out of steam. If anybody else wants to play with it and let me know, please do.

Luna County rejected City of the Sun's application for exemption from property taxes, so I'm drumming up support for a protest. We have 30 days to appeal to the exact same entity, the County Assessor. Nice setup for the parasites. How can any thinking person agree that "we" created this monster and we have to keep feeding it? Likewise, I'm stymied in my ALJ hearing request to the SSA; it might take a year more before I get my hearing, and I'm not even 100% sure they haven't file-13'd it already. I sent my last letter advising them of my physical address with a return receipt, so I know they got it on the 2nd of this month, but they never sent a reply.

A friend is on a mission for me, to get me a bottle of Laphroaig 15 and one of Lagavulin 16, so the Don't Nowhere Shebeen will be the only source of good single-malt scotch in a 60-mile radius in addition to always having a cool keg of Guinness on tap.

My sexual horizons expanded a bit recently with a mini-orgy, and while I can't find fault with bouncing around in bed with two beautiful women, I guess I still prefer the old one-on-one. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Even if the sex weren't awesome, the ego boost gives a guy a rush of dopamine that I doubt any drugs can match (though I'm not in any position to support that statement, not having experimented much in that realm). To me, a woman yielding her body to my pleasure, and pleasuring herself with mine, is the goddess herself blessing me and affirming her love for me. A double-dose of that is amazing.

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