I figured out a better strategy to avoid spending so much money in Boston. Mornings between the time I get woken at the subway stop until Bruegger's (with the free wifi and electricity) opens, I spend at South Station, where it's warm and the coffee is only $1.04 with your own cup. No wifi or power there, though. McDonald's, by the way, has sausage-and-egg muffins 2/$3, but they told me to unplug my laptop from the wall outlet. Then tonight, after the coffeeshops close 9-ish, I can head back to South Station. They will presumably close the station, if it closes at all, at the same time they close the gates at the subway station where I've been sleeping.

My page on the eBay scammer, thebluechicken, is now only 6 results down on a Google search. Excellent! Maybe I can shut down his scam for good, or force him to clean up his act and post accurate photos and descriptions, which amounts to the same thing. He is actually selling and delivering real goods, so you can't compare him to Sal Wise. But he's promising Dolly Parton and delivering Twiggy, so to speak.

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