Today I tried #20, the chili plate panned so badly by Matt Gross that Ivonne seemed close to tears when she read his review (and I offered, not totally in jest, to shoot him if he ever came back this way, but she declined). I have to say I agree with him. It had potatoes! ugh! in it, and the bright red sauce was as bland as Campbell's soup. Just goes to show you, don't order chili anywhere but in Texas. There are plenty of excellent items on the menu, like #6 (beef tacos) and #22, steak panfried in olive oil with garlic slices all over it. Now that's good eatin'. And if Mr. Noo Yorker doesn't appreciate the superiority of Pink Store Margaritas, too bad for him. Just once they came tasting weak, and when we complained, the bartender, Sonia, fixed them perfectly to our satisfaction. Yes, you can get better deals on the street if you have the cash, but for friendly service and nice atmosphere (despite the "kitschy" handicrafts Matt also complained about), and the fact that they accept plastic, you can't beat the Pink Store.

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