Walking around in a semi-stupor so far, and keep forgetting what I wanted to blog. Another of the things that failed to work was my sunscreen. The zinc oxide had settled to the bottom when I poured it from the pan into the plastic jar in which I brought it. As a result, I lay naked in the sun for hours with basically zero protection, and I'm lobster-red neck to ankle.

I went to the Playa Info office to see if there was anything else I could help with, and the guys there told me, seemingly with scorn in their voices, that the BIND 9 server had to be rebuilt completely. I told them it was working when I left. Whatever. Michael wasn't there, I'll have to check back to see what the fuck happened.

I was thinking about words and duality: Good vs. Evil, God vs. Devil. Is it due to coincidence or etymology that the words are so similar?

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