The cattails turned out really good. Boiled them for about 10 minutes along with some rice, and it added some nice flavor to the rice too. The flower heads were the best part, you can just pull and the good stuff stays in your mouth while the thin stalk comes out in your hand. The rest of the head is edible too, but you have to work harder for less food.

In last night's dream, I met a strange young white girl named Lumex who had the voice and mannerisms of an elderly black lady from the south. It was another of the low-G dreamworlds, and a young kid was kicking a surfboard and sailing through the air for maybe 50 yards at a time, a foot or 3 above ground. I was asking him about going off a mountain, and he was explaining how easy it was, going about 100 feet forward for every foot dropped.

It strikes me that I could train myself to recognize when I'm in a dream when I see impossibly steep steps and other signs of a low-G universe. Then I could play with lucid dreaming.

Here at California Worldfest the security (Safety and Assistance group, for which I'm volunteering) is using Motorola EX500 radios, channel 3. I scanned the frequencies of which these units are capable, 136-174 MHz, 403-470 MHz, and 450-512 MHz, and just by lucky chance intercepted a security transmission. Awesome! Now I can use my VX7R for the next shift.

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