Bought one of those charcoal chimneys at Grocery Outlet this morning, believing it might function as a stove. It doesn't, but then I finally poured the hot charcoal into an old freecycled aluminum pan, and put my cooking pan on top of that. It worked out great. By about midnight, I will hopefully have cooked about 10 pounds of bacon and two pounds of chicharrones.

Out of debt again, but probably not for long, as I want to buy a Burning Man ticket in the next 4 weeks.

A quote by Asimov is bothering me: "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." I'd say it's the last refuge of the competent, and that less competent people resort to violence rather easily, as it's one of the top tools in their toolbox.

Bottled up my spicy rice ale. Hope to have started my coffee porter before we leave for Lassen area tomorrow.

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