recently a friend posted a reply to a discussion on Facebook:

In case you didn't know. The situation in Kiev changed when the police opened fire on largely UNARMED protesters. If the protesters had been well armed they would now all be dead and the corrupt leader still in power.

mind you, this isn't some brainless leftist. this guy is a brilliant engineer. he was at least a year behind me in High School but his older brother, my classmate, was genius-level in both science and math and I have no reason to doubt this guy is anything less. but when it comes to religion, his blinders are firmly engaged, and statism is one of the most potent opiates out there.

it's something like the tradeoff between flying and driving. raw statistical averages indicate the plane is the safer option. but you and I both know that once you're in the air, you've ceded your sovereignty to the pilots; if something goes wrong there isn't jack shit you can do about it. whereas when driving, if you've got your wits about you there are very few potential dangers you can't avoid.

governments only usually melt down every few generations. mass murders are rare events. so why should you and I be prepared for war? I can think of two reasons. first, we're due for one. and second, the one person I trust the most to protect my life is me.

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