tried to make yogurt with an immersion heater running directly off the solar panel. bad idea. way overheated, something I didn't expect; previous tests with water only barely got it above tepid. anyway, I kept letting it cool off, then supplementing the acidophilus with more yogurt, but it never really gelled. bottled it up anyway, hoping it'll at least serve to make a few batches of biscuits before it goes bad.

tried a solution of TSP today, trying to get the oil and grease stains off the patio concrete. used some cornstarch as a test absorbent, not wanting to buy talcum powder if something I already have on hand will do the job. I'll know by tomorrow I guess; just hosed it off about a half hour ago but it won't dry well until the sun hits it.

running apt-get dist-upgrade for maybe the first time in my life. never dared do it before. but I'm tired of all the errors when I try to install new packages. hopefully this will fix all that. could take hours though.

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