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Getting close to New Year's in London, but I'm in El Paso and still have quite a few hours to go. Yesterday afternoon I got to the Greyhound station with several hours to spare, so started walking south on 7th looking for a bar. A friendly black dude who said his name is Dave started talking me up, but he didn't seem to be hitting on me so I offered to buy him a beer. I guess I was feeling expansive, happy to be on my way home. Anyway, you guessed it. He was a low-level drifter. As soon as my back was turned, putting money in the jukebox, he took $15 and split out the back door. Lucky I never took my laptop case off my shoulder or that might have disappeared too.

Anyway, the bar is Tony's, on the opposite site of the street from Greyhound, a couple of blocks down or so. They have Santana and Maná on the box and a few other groups other than the standard Mexican bands. And the bartender is a real hottie. Not much for beer though, I think the best was Negra Modelo.

Finally slept on the bus, most of the way to El Paso. I feel pretty well rested too, despite it being a little less comfortable than a room at Marriott. Still planning to bring in the New Year at Hemingway's, then crash somewhere along Mesa if none of the chicks want to take me home.

Talking with another passenger, Midnitesun, I'm beginning to think Greyhound will eventually get competition again. Not from another huge company like Continental Trailways was, but from enlightened cities whose public transit systems interlink to form viable transcontinental transit. 3rd-party websites like Google might also play a part in tying them together. The first step is scrapping our school buses and getting the big comfortable buses that anyone can ride. Sell those shitty orange buses to Mexico or whoever else might want them. Then just do the same school routes, but let anybody ride for a fee, the school kids of course riding free. Add buses and more scheduled runs as demand grows. San Diego shuttles its schoolchildren this way, I don't know how many other cities do. Probably LA. One disadvantage I can think of right away: huge initial investment. Some advantages: bullies won't be able to pick on little kids as easily with adults around. Transit system has potential to be less of a money sink as paying passengers come on board. Fuels local economy by shuttling paying customers to market areas (including kids after school, who can opt to go to the mall or movies instead of home). Those are just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more. And of course, the long-term goal of tying them all together into cheap national transit. [comment]


Well, shit. I closed at McCabe's Beach Club as expected, then went to the Oceanside Transit Center to crash for a few hours till the morning Metrolink. It wasn't to be. One of the fuckhead taxi drivers, I guess, called the cops. I had just gotten comfortable, and had probably slept all of a half hour, when I was awakened by Officer Friendly. You can't sleep here, it's private property (Really? A public transportation facility? But you can't argue with these morons). I was making up an advertising slogan as I cruised the streets looking for an all-night coffeeshop: "Why be a prick and not get paid for it? Join your local police department today!" Finally settled down at Denny's on the north end of town until 6AM, then went back to the transit center, catching the 8:45 to Union Station. Went to Sam Woo's and got the curry beef this time. It was excellent, but I liked the brisket with Satay sauce better. Do you know they have steamed rice on the menu for 60 cents? I didn't ask, but I'll bet they'd let a poor guy in off the street and serve him the rice and a full pot of tea for that price, and not begrudge him a table. A little pocket of civility in an otherwise hellish world.

I'm at the Starbucks, again, at 7th and Fig. I'm refactoring cfdump.py, part of the colorForth project, because it's too kludgy at this point to add anything to it. But it's horribly broken right now, so I won't commit the changes to the CVS repository until the basic function, at least, is back.

I found out I've got over $5000 in a MetLife insurance policy, and am trying to cash out of it, but the fuckwits don't answer emails. What makes these imbeciles think the telephone is more secure? [comment]


If you ever stop at McCabe's in Oceanside, don't order the clam chowder. You get about 10 cents worth of food for $4-something. The fish and chips for $8 or so are a much better deal. Or the chili if you're on the cheap. [comment]


Sitting in McCabe's sucking down a hefeweizen. There's a country-rock band playing, not really to my liking but tolerable.

On the way here, I was thinking of a way to improve rolling luggage. I was sitting on this piece that I was given, and it was collapsing. Make it with a hard shell. And shape it so it can float, putting a sliding door on the front (top, when floating). One wheel in the back, two in front. Telescoping handles in both directions, so if it's well balanced, you can use it with the one rear wheel, and if not, the two wheels as the rear. Holds a battery, with the one wheel motorized, so you can use the luggage as the horse while you ride behind, as the cart, on a skateboard or blades. So: it's a chair. A boat. Luggage. A motorized vehicle. Whatever else I come up with before I actually get around to building one. Out of fibreglass, most likely.

This band is starting to rock now, with I Feel Good. Things are looking up. The day started out shitty but might end nicely. [comment]


Just before I flagged down the Suburbaja this morning, a beautiful young lady approached me on Blvd. Benito Juarez: it was Carina, the lovely former bartender of Barandas. I couldn't remember her name at the time, but did a few minutes later. That made a sad departure a little less bitter. That and the caldo de mariscos breakfast. [comment]


Waiting at the America Plaza Starbucks until the last Coaster leaves for Oceanside at 18:45 local time. Planning on hitting the bars in Oceanside until closing, then catching the MetroLink at the $6 promotional weekend rate into LA in the morning. Will hopefully welcome the new year at Hemingway's in El Paso, but you never know what might happen. I might find myself in the bardo...

Just past p. 400 in Years of Rice and Salt. The book is really getting good... Robinson might just have some answers for Daniel Quinn's readers asking "so what can I do now?" [comment]


I was exposed to too much at once: one thing I already knew I can't tolerate: spraying poisons, even bug repellant, in a closed room. I hate breathing toxins. What surprised me is how much I resent being told I "have to" do something. I guess nobody tries that shit back at City of the Sun. It hit me out of the blue. [comment]


Update and correction: Rosarito Beach Hotel now offers free wifi! 'NodoRBH' is the SSID. Screw penny-pinching Capuchino's. [comment]


Capuchino's (their spelling) offer free wifi but snarl if you plug into their electricity. Alternate between there and the café at Rosarito Beach Hotel, which has no wifi but they don't bitch if you plug in.

I was encouraged to get a blood test... tested negative for HIV and syphilis. No surprise, but comforting.

Forgot to mention the other day: that North County 101 bus fare was $2.00 and, if you ask for it, the driver gives you a transfer good for two hours, which was sufficient to get me all the way to San Ysidro and the border. That morning was when I finally got my tacos and beer at the real Taco Bell, and caught the bus to Rosarito for 14 pesos. Those fares keep going up! But the colectivos are now minibuses and a little more comfortable than the station wagons. Some routes still use those old wagons, but not TJ-RTO. [comment]


The chef in the little Popotla restaurant where my friend and I lunched had never fried oysters before. But, egged on with my broken Spanish, he tried and succeeded triumphantly... the best I ever tasted. Tark's of South Florida uses frozen oysters for frying, and I'm not sure what Helen's of Machias uses but I don't remember them being nearly as good.

Have you ever been sure you've met someone before but can't place em? I met a woman in a bar in Oceanside a few nights ago that I'm sure I've talked to before in some lifetime. I forgot her name, but with a little reminder from the Social Security popular names list I found it again: Brianna. [comment]


At the La Estancia restaurant in Playas de Rosarito with a very dear friend. Just finished a rib-eye steak and 3 pints of Tecate de barril, and am now drinking a cup of excellent coffee. This is a nice little hidden-away place with waterfalls and fireplaces everywhere. Prices are higher than the typical Mexican restaurant but the atmosphere and quality justify it. [comment]


Walked all night -- got a huge blister on my right little toe -- and took a bus this morning, the NCTD 101 into University Towne Centre, and from there the 41 to the Green Line, then the Blue Line to the border. Ate the obligatory tacos with a Pacifico at Taco Bell, though I realized later it must have been still quite early in the morning. Ah well, tacos and beer is a typical Baja breakfast for expatriates, isn't it?

My carefully-rigged tunnel broke down, and so far I haven't been successful at getting anyone to troubleshoot the problem. And on the Western front, the sensor wire of my power brick broke so I can't charge my laptop battery. Used a public internet machine to check my email and I think it may have had password sniffers installed. Well, I'll know if someone starts posting to all the dating sites in my name that I've been 0wn3d.

Haven't slept since yesterday afternoon, getting buzzed on coffee to stay awake. Tried to sleep on Rosarito Beach today, but between the biting Pacific wind and the idiot on the tractor smoothing the beach and looking like he'd just love to "accidentally" turn the gabacho into a cube steak, I didn't get a wink. [comment]


I'm doing a pub crawl down Coast Highway... first stop was McCabe's something or other... there was karaoke, and a hot Asian-American chick named Kim who was celebrating her 34th birthday. The bartender here, Jamie, told me that down the road from here (the Embassy Room) there are, in Carlsbad, Coco Beach and Jay's, both of which have good seafood. But I probably won't make it there in time... it's 11:07 here now, and all bars except for private clubs close at 2 AM, and even those that don't close stop serving alcohol then. [comment]


You know, that Pork Foo Yong was so much food, and I was still so full from the previous meal, and it was too close to closing time, so I ended up leaving a lot of food on my plate when I left, and still I was overfull. It took me probably an hour last night to stop burping up food, and today I haven't been very hungry. I had a little sandwich at Border's, and some French Vanilla at Cold Stone Creamery, and I think that's all I've had to eat so far. Maybe if I make it into Tijuana tonight I'll stop at Taco Bell for their famous 3 tacos for a dollar, and one-dollar bottles of beer including Pacifico. [comment]


I was thinking today, while at Long Beach, that if I had a waterproof computer, a sail, and either skates or a windsurfing board, I could have just taken off from there south without having to spend more money. I have to keep reminding myself to get more mobile... so many opportunities I'm missing because I'm anchored down with all this crap. [comment]


Finally got some sleep in the park just south of the Yard House in Long Beach. I fully expected the fucking cops to wake me up again, but this time they left me alone. Amazing. The Borders at The Pike is finally open, so that's where I'm hanging out. There's a free wifi AP around here, but it's not providing me a nameserver, and setting a static one using netsh works only partially. Weird. But I can ssh to my server, using its IP number, and lynx from there. Anyway my battery is wearing out, it's getting late in the day, and I've gotta get my ass down to Oceanside. Later... [comment]


That meal was only $5.15 total. I was so pleased I left a $2 tip. Then I went back to Union Station, found out the MetroLink machine would not dispense tickets until 3 hours before departure... sat down anyway, thinking that explanation would suffice, but nope. Either I buy the Amtrak ticket for more than twice the price ($29 vs. $12.50) or get the fuck out. I wandered around, then thought "hey, it's past midnight, lemme buy a day pass". The Red Line doors looked locked, but they weren't; I went in, and it was nice and warm. Bought my day pass and went and sat in the seats by the tracks. Closed my eyes and dozed off for maybe as much as 5 minutes before the goddamned cops rousted me. Doesn't open till 4. Fuck.

So now I'm back at the Won Kok Palace, eating my "regular", Pork Foo Yong. This place closes at 3, and then I'll have one hour still to freeze my ass waiting for the Metro to open. [comment]


It was fuckin' awesome. Almost as much beef as a Pink Store steak, for half the price. The onions and peppers are basically raw (duh... it was served within a minute or two) but it also has pineapple chunks and a nice spicy (Satay) sauce. The beef is fatty but so what... another good Chinatown restaurant to which I will very likely return. [comment]


Wow, am I buzzed. I had a total of 3 pints: the Fat Tire, Sierra Nevada, and Pyramid Hefeweizen. I continued walking to Chinatown, and this time tried Sam Woo's on the same corner as Won Kok, and ordered #356, Beef Brisket with Satay Sauce, whatever the fuck that is. It came out in less than the time it took me to type this, and I type fast, regardless of my borrachera. I might let you know how it turned out if I'm still somewhat in control of my senses when I'm done eating.



I've never been as lost in Lost Angeles as I've been today. Finally I seem to be on the right path up Spring Street to Chinatown, but I saw a friendly little pub called Charlie O's so I ducked in for a few pints. My first is Fat Tire, and my second will probably be Sierra Nevada. Not bad at $3.50 a pint. [comment]


Sitting in the Starbucks at 7th and Figueroa trying to get a signal off one of the many free wifi APs in the area. It was easier outside, but my battery is dying and I need juice. Looking forward to heading over to Chinatown for some decent food... burgers all day so far.

The breakdown lasted almost 3 hours before we got a replacement. Tried to wangle a free transfer to San Diego at San Bernadino and they just laughed at me. Fucking Greyhound doesn't give a shit about customers. I wish Continental Trailways would come back from the dead and give them some competition. [comment]


Been sitting west of Indio for about 2 and a half hours now. Bus broke down, and we're waiting for the wonderful Greyhound people in LA to send us a replacement. Of course they really care about their customers, so I'm reasonably sure we'll be on our way again before tomorrow morning. Meanwhile I discovered the Bochs debugger doesn't reliably stop on breakpoints when tracing is on... grrrrr.... [comment]


Got my ticket for the 10:15 Greyhound flight to LA, and sitting in Kinley's House swilling coffee and waiting for the internet to come back up. This time I'm probably going to catch the MTA bus from Union Station to Oceanside, though if I'd gone on a weekend I could have saved over half price... $6.00 instead of $12.50. But I didn't want to miss Dwayne and Shu's party yesterday at the Living Foods Learning Center; a sauna full of beautiful naked bodies is hard to pass up, even though I can be at Black's Beach by Wednesday morning.

Tested the wake-on-lan several times after setting the "sleep" button to shut the computer down, and enabling "hibernate", and am pretty pleased with the results. Now if I can get a webcam and a two-way voice system running, I can check on my shebeen at any time from anywhere. [comment]


Took me all night, but I managed to set up a tunnel from my WRT54G to one of my servers, so I can hopefully reach my laptop at home from my laptop on the road, if for some reason it becomes necessary. I had to set up a default route by setting the nvram variable lan_gateway, use ipkg to replace dropbear with openssh, then add this line to my /etc/inittab:

::respawn:/usr/bin/ssh -n -N -T -R 10290:localhost:22 proxy@risp.org [comment]


Leaving for Rosarito in 24 hours or so, getting my mind back in nomadic mode... sewed up the worst rip in my leather pants but still have a few torn spots to give my wardrobe "character". Got a refund check, fucking finally, from the SSA covering my expenses to their ALJ hearing in Las Cruces a few months ago. About $170, it came in mighty handy. Also got my $56 refund from the extra charge Northern Tool put on my card when I ordered a pump a few days ago, so I'm floating in cash.

I don't remember last night's dream too well, but it's something like this: on a highway far from any city, there's a white canvas tent covering the highway for some distance, with the buildings of a town within the tent. Some kind of construction going on, or whatever. Anyway, I'm at the entrance doing something or other, and I decide to go back inside, but at that moment the lights of a car blinded me. There are people there being paid to assist others, so even though I might have been able to feel my way, I hollered out for help. A young woman guided me to safety, but then wrote me a ticket or something for using the service unnecessarily. I got pissed off, and walked over and starting hitting a piece of plywood. I was hoping to make holes in the half-inch plywood to show my awesome power, but I didn't manage to do any visible damage. Damn. [comment]


Got my fill of that shitty xmas music today in Las Cruces. My neighbor had a doctor's appointment and I went along for the ride. Found out that Jack-in-the-Box has free wifi there as well as in El Paso, and that there's a Home Depot on Telshor going north along I-25. And there's a Celebration liquor store only a mile or so from the Memorial medical center, where I purchased a bottle of Lagavulin 16-year for only about $84 including tax. I love walking into a place looking like a vagabond and handing over a hundred-dollar bill for their best shit. Freaks people out. [comment]


Just had a rather unique dream, I don't remember any of the dreamscape. I was in a competition having something to do with racing little plastic, robotic "pucks" I guess you'd call them, somewhat horseshoe-shaped and ranging in size from about an inch in diameter to about 4 inches. We were guiding them through a labyrinth of rooms. Mine kept disappearing, and I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong until I started realizing that most of my opponents were more skilled in subterfuge than technology. They were all black (my opponents, not the brightly-colored pucks), and perhaps I was too, but I was definitely as skinny as I am in this body while many of them were muscular; nevertheless, I was starting to get pissed, but woke up because I had to piss. [comment]


AllOfMP3.com has been down "for maintenance" for two days or so. It's rumored that shutting down that website is a condition for Russia's entry into the WTO. Could it be the end of our cheap, "legal" music supply?

I found a new underarm deodorant that hopefully won't cause so much of a fuss at border crossings as my previous "white powder", sodium bicarbonate. This innovative new substance is powdered cinnamon. My neighbor was going to throw it out, as it had lost too much of its "bite" to use for cooking. I had a little irritation just after putting it on, but it went away within minutes. And it seems to last up to 48 hours, same as the bicarb. [comment]


Went to Las Cruces yesterday with a couple of neighbors, one of whom had to visit the medical center there... on the entry ramp to I-10 in Deming, we stopped to pick up a backpacker, who refused to ride with us because a woman was driving... seems that's against God's Will... he handed us a fascinating little ultraconservative tract, in 4-point type, I think, on both sides of an 11x17 sheet of paper, denouncing just about everything as idolatry or worse. The name printed on the tract was one Peter A. Koska, 8386 County Road FF, Webster, WI 54893, undoubtedly the one in this article, and quite likely our almost-passenger. Scary shit. Makes Reverend Moon look liberal in comparison.

This winter is looking pretty harsh already for this area... we've had several freezing nights already, and some cold days, which is pretty unusual.

Still trying to get colorForth working on Bochs. Stuck on the slow keyhit servicing, which makes it tedious to play with. I don't know yet if it's a bug in Bochs, a bug in my ported source, or something inherent to the implementation which presumably doesn't show up on real hardware. [comment]


Wow, already the 3rd of December? Where did November go for chrissakes?

Went up into the Florida mountains today with a friend. Sot some orange berries I haven't seen before, and the seedpods from a similar-looking bush. There are barrel and hedgehog cacti up the yinyang there! Many barrels 4 feet high or more, and hundreds of smaller ones. This is just on the south edge of the range.

Didn't see any caves there, but there are some places where the rocks form a natural shelter... this got me thinking. Here there are thousands of acres of public land. Land ownership is a myth anyway -- there hasn't been true, allodial, private property for over 100 years anywhere in the world of which I'm aware -- so let's start forming small tribes on BLM and other public land. Burrow your house into the ground where nobody will see it -- power your electronics via small, easily concealed, solar panels, or use a bicycle generator (use ultra-low-power computers and routers built with chips like Chuck Moore's Forth circuits), so we can communicate with other tribes and prevent another disaster like this 10000-year-old "culture" that almost destroyed life as we know it, and start living a life that's more harmonious with the planet. You can catch enough rainwater, even here in the desert, to live, year by year. Food is still a problem -- we didn't see any of the ibex reported to be in those mountains, just some rabbits -- but as long as we maintain unternets (connected with the Internet until the Unternet becomes a world-scale reality), we can survive by buying and selling on eBay. Cactus and ice-plant cuttings can bring in enough income to survive.

I'm thinking that this could become very viable -- there's enough land to support hundreds of small tribes without stepping on each other's toes. You want to practice polyamory? Voodoo? Cannibalism? Whatever, find like-minded people using the [ui]nternet, form your own tribe, and go establish yourselves somewhere. Your tribe and mine may be at war someday, over land, food, or mates, but we'll always work things out and be at peace again. This is the way we lived for millions of years, and it works.

I was thinking today, up on that mountain, that some lonely guy or girl would come into the mountains looking for answers -- a way out of the matrix -- and my tribe could invite him into our bau, offer a cold Guinness, and inspire one more to leave the machine behind and start living.

The mantle heat is only a thousand feet down, or less, here in some parts of New Mexico. Dig a foot a day and in 3 years I can be safe from the chaotic weather that global warming is bringing to our doorstep. Something to think about on these freezing nights we've been having here lately.

My thinking has been a lot clearer lately, now that I'm programming again and drinking more coffee and less beer. Watch out, world! [comment]

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