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now this is interesting. I'm booted into Linux, running Chrome, Firefox, and Skype. I'm getting a Microsoft IP number attempting to connect:

Dec 30 18:03:51 localhost kernel: [ 1611.346544] unmatched INPUT IN=wlan0 OUT= MAC=68:94:23:bb:f1:0a:00:0f:66:d7:f9:08:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=75 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=52 ID=42644 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=40011 DPT=53604 WINDOW=50 RES=0x00 ACK PSH FIN URGP=0

this is the kind of shit I was missing before I setup my firewall. [comment]


drugs for breakfast: coffee and a sugary chocolate cake muffin with chocolate chips. caffeine, theobromine, sucrose, and opioids; a potent coctail of uppers and downers which staved off hunger for about 3 hours. my only saving grace is that I don't mistake any of that to be food. [comment]


so it turns out I wasn't blocking 1e100.net; I didn't have the rules in the right order. then when I fixed that, it started connecting to another 1e100.net block, 173.194/16. blocked that, and now I can't reach gmail at all. I guess I just have to treat that as being Google. [comment]


bought a little under 2 pounds (.79Kg) of espinazo de puerco today and made carnitas out of it following this recipe through step 4. not saying they came out perfect, because that would be bragging, but they're almost gone and it's not even dinnertime yet.

finally started taking my network security seriously and setup some iptables rules, after seeing the connections to 1e100.net and reading up on Google's use of it. here's my block:

iptables --append OUTPUT --protocol tcp --destination --jump DROP

doesn't appear to have affected my use of Chrome yet. [comment]


thinking about the dream I had last night called to mind other dreams in which I had to fight but could barely lift my arms, or had to run but did so in slow motion. perhaps these took place on a high-G world, or I was simply in a weak body or in an animal that moves differently than does a human. [comment]


saw 3 dead or dying pufferfish on the beach across from Hotel Los Arcos, all of which had what appeared to be their own dissolving entrails coming out their anuses. what a horrible way to die. [comment]


one of the Facebook pages I follow posted a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler, and I was pretty sure it was apocryphal so I googled it. wikiquote.com had it though, and it pointed me to Hitler's Table Talk. you might want to read the whole page shown, not just the quote about firearms at the end; seems old Adolf was quite the evil genius, and all the world's governments have taken his insight to heart.

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.


in my usual dreamworlds I guess I'm finally coming aware of the low-G environment. I was practicing propelling myself across rocky terrain horizontally, handling obstacles in parkour style. nobody else seems to have come up with it. but I'm not lucid dreaming. [comment]


since the barrel cactus fruits turned out to be so slimy, like okra, decided to slice them and fry them in batter like okra. not bad, but of course sour. don't quite know what to do about that; sugar would ruin it for me.

for the "zero waste" archives: after you've made the last pancake and there's still batter in the bowl, take a piece or 3 of the first pancake and wipe out the bowl with it, throwing the pieces back in the pan. quit when there's only about a teaspoon or less of unused batter. those pancake scraps will look a little strange but taste just as good, and you've wasted less food. [comment]


met kick-ass trumpeter Terry Townson and his lady Valerie at Harker Board tonight, and recruited them into Burn the Old Year. this really made the event for me. [comment]


woke up from siesta, and my block had 149 confirmations. logged into my machine and here is my merry christmas gift:

[jcomeau@litecoin ~]$ americancoind getbalance

sure, it's not worth anything... yet. but it might be someday. [comment]


how to check a block's record by its block number:

jcomeau@aspire:~/rentacoder/jcomeau/scrypt$ americancoind getblockhash 55311

then you cut-and-paste that into the next command:

jcomeau@aspire:~/rentacoder/jcomeau/scrypt$ americancoind getblock 8bcdff3b32a5e32fef128fa4c4d2a89527d8e9422330cb22112230018e0585cf
"hash" : "8bcdff3b32a5e32fef128fa4c4d2a89527d8e9422330cb22112230018e0585cf",
"confirmations" : 35,
"size" : 1236,
"height" : 55311,
"version" : 1,
"merkleroot" : "925f4ecbcf1e8946d62ebbf788cf289dd9829a9ec83aab9980c4d1cb67c58187",
"tx" : [
"time" : 1388012946,
"nonce" : 1881779259,
"bits" : "1c48c3a8",
"difficulty" : 3.51815597,
"previousblockhash" : "008e3c7d2a2b17b8ec34b94112951d7efcd114b4197fd8c04f21cfab3b49b603",
"nextblockhash" : "673bfdf78116a304634bd8f24059f3ae430a1f840037c4d484d7551042659f49"


here is my new script for scrypt-mined cryptocurrencies. I proved today, with block 55311 of the AmericanCoin blockchain, that random nonces can work. whether they work better than the linear approach built in to most cryptocurrency mining code is unknown to me, I just thought it would be a good idea.

the script can work with sha256d-mined currencies as well, but it is too slow. with scrypt, the Python overhead and the random number generation is insignificant, but with sha256 it is huge in comparison.

you need to set SIMPLEMINER_CONFIG to the path of the configuration file of the daemon you're running on localhost, and you need to set rpcconnect and rpcport, in addition to rpcuser and rpcpassword, in order for the script to know how to make the RPC calls. [comment]


today I added garlic powder, salt, and pepper to my sourdough pancake batter in addition to the usual baking soda (to neutralize some of the acid and to make it rise) and lard (works much better than adding it to the pan). think I might be on to something, but it'll need refinement.

at Harker Board celebrating Burn the Old Year. bunch of gringos here having Christmas dinner. [comment]


Harker Board wasn't open today, so no Burn the Old Year celebration today. no matter, I'm at Fritz having a liter of cerveza clara. happy day, everyone. [comment]


been planning on trying a chutney made out of barrel cactus fruits for years, and finally made a microbatch. I used this mango chutney recipe as a starting point, substituting garlic powder for the asafoetida and leaving out the turmeric and lime juice. used only pinches of the dry ingredients, coconut oil for the cooking part, and a little piece each of a serrano pepper and a dried chile de arbol, tree chile.

it tasted okay, but I prefer eating the fruit straight off the cactus. the gooeyness of the mashed fruits makes it look like someone spit in it. I don't plan on making this ever again. glad I did, though, just for the experience. [comment]


the Meraki login page at the La Paz Starbucks is wonky today, the Navegar button doesn't work. but on a whim, I pinged my server, and it responded! ssh'd to my privoxy server and I'm all set. but that's on my iPod; my netbook can't see the "infinitum movil" SSID for some reason. [comment]


when I'm approaching death, my plan is to take my cartload of "stuff" to the center of whatever town I'm in and leave it for people to pick over, then head on out into the desert; take off my clothes to make it easier for the coyotes and vultures to get at the meat, and wander around till I drop.

failing that, if I die in an accident or otherwise with little or no warning, I hope my friends at City of the Sun will hear about it, come and pick up the carcass, and bury me in Maya's green cemetery, where the worms can finish me off.

if I die in some godawful hospital, too drugged up to know what's going on, and people bury me in a lead casket at taxpayer expense, preventing all but the hardiest bacteria from using the food, know that it is most definitely not the outcome I wanted. [comment]


"judge not, lest thou enter upon the Möbius strip of judgment, from which thou canst not easily escape without egg on thy face and a smattering of atojisos." -- jc

admit it Jesus, I trumped ya. but then Möbius hadn't been born yet, and Variable Star hadn't been written, and idiomatic Hebrew, Latin, Aramaic, and Greek of your day didn't have the same idiomatic expressions; so you're forgiven. [comment]


applied security updates to my 4 servers today. a few minutes of apt-get, few minutes of yum, rebooting and fixing minor problems, and I'm good for another month. [comment]


was trying to send my subkey to subkeys.pgp.net, but it wasn't reachable from the hotspot I'm at in Mexico. it was reachable from my servers in Atlanta, and I already run privoxy from one of those, so I started the tunnel: ssh -L8118:localhost:8118 tek then re-ran my gpg command with http_proxy set: http_proxy=http://localhost:8118 gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --send-keys 0xF201932C. and it worked! [comment]


just compared the efficacy of the two orange-peel solvents I made, one by soaking the peel in vinegar and the other in 38% rum. strangely enough, that made with vinegar was better at removing the label from the rum bottle. the rum infusion tastes better though. [comment]


my paleodiet negative feedback still works well even though I've added some carbs back into my regular diet. ate a big piece of chocolate cake yesterday evening and am still suffering for it.

my sourdough got a kahm yeast infestation, so cooking it all up now. [comment]


so it turns out network reload does not actually run the mapper script, which kind of makes sense given the verb; I had just trained myself to use it because network restart has been deprecated for some time, and reloading seemed to work most of the time. I guess I can always stop/start if necessary. [comment]


finally came up with a fairly robust network mapper script for Debian /etc/network/interfaces (man interfaces for manpage), at pastebin.com. feel free to use it, modify it, etc. public domain since I didn't specify otherwise.

first day of Burn the Old Year was a total success in that I got blitzed and hopefully boosted my system's level of B vitamins. but no other burners showed up. maybe mañana. [comment]


one thing I forgot to mention about Moyeyo the other day is the music: they were playing good old American rock-n-roll. this evening I'm at Harker Board upstairs looking over the malecon, listening to techno vibes and drinking microbrews, 2 for 1. celebrating Burn the Old Year, a new Burning Man event started by the intrepid wanderer hisself. [comment]


a seagull dropped a piece of seashell in front of me on the malecon as I was jogging this morning, and it startled me. then a little farther on, I saw another shell in the path. wondering if he saw a crow dropping nuts in front of cars in order to get them opened, and is trying to be a copycat without really understanding the purpose of the crow's behavior.

saw a beautiful, big hornworm in front of the house when I got back. will post a photo on Twitter later if I remember. [comment]


bug in my americancoin mining job, not sure what this all means:

Session terminated, killing shell... ...killed.
Combined HashMeter: 56717 hashes in 12.01 sec, 4 Khash/sec
result of getwork(): {'result': None, 'error': 'No response or null response'}
waiting for work
result of getwork(): {'result': None, 'error': 'No response or null response'}
waiting for work
result of getwork(): {'result': None, 'error': 'No response or null response'}
waiting for work
result of getwork(): {'result': None, 'error': 'No response or null response'}
waiting for work
result of getwork(): {'result': None, 'error': 'No response or null response'}
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bin/simpleminer.py", line 208, in 
    print 'exit status: %s' % eval(command)(*sys.argv[1:])
  File "bin/simpleminer.py", line 151, in simpleminer
    raise Exception('too many getwork() errors, has daemon crashed?')
Exception: too many getwork() errors, has daemon crashed?
simpleminer: americancoind stopped
/dev/fd/9: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `)'


if you've seen the netmeme about soaking orange peels in vinegar to make a cleansing solvent, you may have been skeptical, as I was, as to its efficacy, since vinegar is unlikely to be able to extract much of the D-limonene. however, I finally tried it, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it does a fair job of cleaning adhesive residues. not nearly as well as pure orange oil, of course, but still useful. [comment]


I believe I completed my 5K for the year, having jogged from across the new Oxxo to Moyeyo by the back streets, starting about 1423 and ending at 1502. I'll have to check the distance on mapmyrun.com later.

celebrated with a large plate of ceviche con totopos, and a cuartito de Pacifico, one of those little 210-ml bottles. prices were 45 and 15 pesos respectively, so had a decent meal for MX$70 including tip. been meaning to visit Moyeyo for the past 3 years, but they were closed most of the time.

found some of what I need at home depot. at least they have large cotter pins and hitch pins, and some 3/4" U-bolts I might be able to use on the axle inside the wheels. [comment]


the yogurt experiment was a dismal failure. yuck, what a nasty stench. won't be trying that again anytime soon. [comment]


went to Ace Hardware today. no collars or hitch pins. but, they had a nice supply of other cool stuff, like hardware up to 1" (alas, no 17mm but they had 16mm and 20mm, and 3/4"), O-rings of various sizes, carbon brushes for power tools, axle bolts up to 1/2" (didn't know there was such a thing), and lots of other doodads I can't remember now.

on the way home, I thought of making a simple burglar alarm with my netbook and a couple of amplified speakers. listen for sound on the microphone port. when it's detected above a certain level, make the sound of a dog barking. the louder and more constant the sound detected, the more ferocious the barking. of course, don't listen at the same time the output is active or it'll be a positive feedback loop.

there's an interesting tree outside the cathedral I hadn't noticed before, with large seed pods resembling cocoa, but the rest of it doesn't look like Theobroma cacao. I'll have to look it up one of these days.

those little dove-like birds I've been seeing are, strangely enough, called "ground doves". but I haven't figured out quite what species. these have long, curved, black beaks. [comment]


thanks to ngrep, solved a bug that cropped up in my simpleminer script after using it with a longer rpcuser name for americancoind. the str.encode('base64') encoder was inserting a newline after 76 characters, which length hadn't been reached before. now using base64.b64encode and I'm OK. ngrep made it easy to spot the difference in the RPC call made with my script vs. the call made by americancoind getwork. [comment]


finally ground down the other side of the axle so the wheel fits. now I've got one set of wheels, at least, I will when I can rig something to hold them on. next step, hmmm... [comment]


started my first test batch of yogurt, 1 liter of whole, ultrapasteurized milk seeded with some liquid from my sourdough and left in a usually-warm room upstairs. hope I don't forget about it and have a moldy mess to clean up two weeks from now.

in other news, I was contacted by a Google recruiter and, unfortunately, scared him off with my replies. life goes on. [comment]


thieves in Mexico, or at least in La Paz, have a system of marking up electric meters with little matrices of numbers and letters that look something like tic-tac-toe boards. they use pencil, so it's easy to erase them with a damp rag. I've done it twice in the few weeks I've been here, the second time earlier today. it must frustrate them to no end to have their handiwork destroyed, that shows the house's occupancy habits. at least I hope so. [comment]


got an idea to seed yogurt with bacteria from sourdough (which is easy to "catch" with a mix of flour and water), but googling only turns up recipes for the opposite, i.e. making a sourdough starter with yogurt. guess I'll just have to buy some milk and try it.

got a new batch of sourdough started just now, using a blob of a previous batch I had stored in the fridge. by tomorrow afternoon it should be ready unless tonight is unusually cool. [comment]


finally got the Debian installation on my netbook to work with WPA APs. after installing the wpasupplicant package, now this setup in /etc/network/interfaces works:

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
	wpa-ssid WiFi.SevenCrown
	wpa-psk 0000000700
	wpa-psk-mgmt WPA-PSK

as you can probably surmise, I'm at the Seven Crown cafe on Revolución. [comment]


forgot to mention: the sunflower leaf, somewhat amaranth-looking but with jagged teeth, tasted quite amaranth-like but with a bit more bitterness. might make a good potherb if it is indeed edible. I'll have to eat a larger quantity next time. [comment]


ate a leaf of desert sunflower today with no ill effects, and enjoyed a fish taco with a new friend on Independencia two blocks north of the cathedral, only 15 pesos and very tasty. talk about getting right back onto the horse that threw you, right? bought another 200g of pierna at the Mercado Madero and cooked it well this time, for lunch and dinner. time now for siesta. [comment]


wimped out on the soup. it smelled too nasty, even after adding some garlic powder and chiles, so fed it to the fan palm instead of to me. [comment]


some of the fish got a little rotten between the time I panfried it and when I made it into soup. eating it anyway. maybe add a lot of hot pepper to hide the putridity... too much food to just throw it away.

first quarter moon, gonna go get my liter at El Parnazo. [comment]


one of my IRL friends, whose intelligence I respect but who hasn't taken the time to think through political matters, having been on the treadmill for most of his life, blocked me for my position on this ruling, which to me is a clear-cut case of judicial overreach, forcing a private citizen to do something for someone else that he does not want to do. my friend extended that to my saying that a business owner can deny service to blacks, and I agreed.

do I think it's a good thing to discriminate against someone for their race, religion, or sexual orientation? no. I find these tendencies in myself and have worked for years to stop them, with some success. but force must not be used to end this practice; it has been tried before, and the results are illuminating. after years of the iron hand of communism keeping ethnic conflict muted, the Bosnian war released that pent-up hatred in a disgusting orgy of violence.

as H. L. Mencken said, as quoted on Mike Vanderboegh's blog Sipsey Street Irregulars,

I believe that liberty is the only genuinely valuable thing that men have invented, at least in the field of government, in a thousand years. I believe that it is better to be free than to be not free, even when the former is dangerous and the latter safe. I believe that the finest qualities of man can flourish only in free air -- that progress made under the shadow of the policeman's club is false progress, and of no permanent value. I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave. -- H.L. Mencken

the ACLU also took the side of the gay couple, defending their positive right to have the baker make their cake the way they wanted it to the baker's negative right to serve whom he pleases to serve and no one else. this is understandable in the context of the Civil Rights Act, in its provision for "facilities that served the general public", but it is wrong. government must not discriminate, but private citizens should be allowed to be asses if they wish. the marketplace will punish them eventually. [comment]


that epiphany I had after awakening on the beach a day or 3 ago is still inspiring me. the thought that I just became alive in this body, in this place, at this time in history and that I can do whatever I want with it lets me begin life anew... every day.

getting better at standing for hours at a time, as I used to at the USPS back in the late 80s through the 90s. a much better way to work IMO.

started mining some AmericanCoin after buying a few on an exchange the other day. putting some printfs in the source to see when I get a possible hash, so that further changes give visible feedback as to efficacy.

still grinding down my 3/4" bar to fit the wheel. almost there, but for the other 3 wheels I have an idea for a simple "lathe" using my drill and a rubber band as a belt. stay tuned. [comment]


discovered my rolling luggage can handle those 5-gallon water bottles just perfectly. really lowers the threshold of motivating myself to go get another one. [comment]


as I tweeted earlier, I started mining betacoin after seeing it's one of the newest active cryptocurrencies. probably won't have any luck with it, either, but it keeps me off the streets.

went to FYMSA today and bought some iron rod, 3/4" and 1/4", for some projects. turns out the 3/4 is just a bit too large for the wheels I already bought. I'll have to file down the ends. that could be a real job. eventually I'll have to make some kind of half-assed lathe.

didn't have a clue how to ask for what I wanted, so first I snuck out the back door and looked through the yard; everything was, fortunately, labeled. but then I realized I might need to cut the 6-meter-long rods before I could schlep them back, so went to the tool shop next door and bought a hacksaw. then back into the supply store and ordered the redondos I mentioned earlier. [comment]


went out of my comfort zone today and bought a couple of pieces of iron rod at FYMSA: un redondo de tres cuartos y un de un cuarto. the guys in the yard tied them together for me with some wire, and I carried it the 3 miles or so back to the casa. now we'll see if I can get some projects done. [comment]


this evening I awoke on a beach in La Paz, BCS, MX, inhabiting a body I'm quite familiar with, but with which I'm feeling somewhat ill at ease. it spends far too much time online, particularly on Facebook, when it should be doing something productive to get it out of the thousands of dollars in credit card debt it has ammassed. it also masturbates a lot when its partner is away. and it drinks too much even though it has cut down lately. I let it have a liter of beer against my better judgment, but starting tomorrow it had damned well better start shaping up. [comment]


yesterday evening a truck came down Revolución spraying malathion right in the faces of people walking down the street. this is a common occurrence here in La Paz, and absolutely nobody except for me seems the least bit ruffled about it. fathers let their kids be poisoned by the State, right in front of them, and don't make a fuss. this is what Americans can look forward to when the progressives finish their citizen disarmament agenda. [comment]


tequila Orendain Blanco at Aramburo, 250ml: $35.70, 500ml: $68.80, 750ml: $76.40, 1l: $114.70, all prices in MXN. even without a calculator, it's easy to see the 3/4 liter bottle is the best buy by far. [comment]


found out Kuroda-san didn't go out of business, instead he has a new store on the southeast end of town. next to it is a coffee roaster, El Marino. and another roaster, Café Batalla, is further in that direction, at Padre Kino and Datil. yes, I know Padre Kino is some other name that far south, but it doesn't come to mind and it's not easy to look up on my iPod. anyway, most everything I was looking for was closed today.

got money from Discover at the Banamex ATM. Scotiabank accepts Amex. having burritos and a tarro at Cafe Frida for MX$50, which with tip comes to about US$5 for a complete meal. [comment]


that aloe is incredibly, horribly, unbelievably bitter. no way in hell I'm going to eat that. looks like chicken and rice instead of soup. [comment]


finally found Gillette Fusion blades, at the Soriana by Home Depot, MXN$229. that works out to over USD$4 per blade for 4 blades, I'd better make them last. got butane at La Super, on Revolución just south of Reforma on the west side, MXN$13.50, enough for maybe 3 refills of the lighter.

got back, noticed my tamarind brew was getting moldy, and threw out the whole batch. probably won't try it again, but who knows? maybe needed more sugar.

hungry. got some chicken at Ley, gonna cook up a soup, maybe put some aloe in it. [comment]


many if not most armored car guards in La Paz have no training in, or no concern about, basic gun safety. they're often pointing their weapons at people, inadvertently. scary. but then the guns have a fake look to them, maybe it's nothing to worry about. [comment]

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